• Minimize Compliance Risk

  • Reduce Costs and Workloads

  • Industry Collaboration

Today’s businesses place strong emphasis on social responsibility and product safety, working tirelessly to ensure that their products are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. However, this can require toxicological analyses and chemical assessments for thousands of items, and safety regulations vary widely across different countries and change regularly. Without a proper system, chemical safety management can become an exhausting, costly and time-consuming process. CMD enables seamless collaboration between all users on the supply chain and automates all tedious compliance tasks for higher efficiency and integrity.

Minimize Compliance Risk

CMD is a purpose-built platform that is tailor-made to meet the different compliance rules required by legislative and regulatory organizations around the world, all performed in a best-practice operational environment. It provides:

  • Standardized input logic and output format on BOM, BOS and chemical safety assessments
  • Automated filing procedures to meet 10-year storage, as required by EU laws
  • Advanced analytic functions, including data validation, assessments and reports
  • Scheduled reviews of the latest compliance rules and chemical attributes
  • Pre-emptive alerts for restricted substances, e.g. Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) or Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic for Reproduction (CMR)

Reduce Costs and Workloads

CMD provides an array of advanced tools to streamline the workflows of BOS management and chemical safety assessments. It significantly saves costs, time and effort by helping you:

  • Digitalize the manual work involved in chemical data and document administration, including inputting, searching, updating, analyzing, reporting and filing
  • Automate workflows via seamless integration with the EDI and ERP systems
  • Consolidate BOM and supplier data with BOS, SDS, DOC and test reports, as well as all required rules for compliance validation
  • Benefit from a comprehensive chemical management system without the huge capital investment of building an in-house application
  • Handle all chemical database storage and administration, including long-term oversight and system enhancements

Industry Collaboration

The complexity of multi-tiered global supply chains can dramatically complicate the gathering of data and the process of accurate chemical safety assessments. CMD connects suppliers, factories, brands and laboratories, creating a hierarchical integration across the entire industry supply chain that enables:

  • Inter-operation among all supply chain users for end-to-end compliance management
  • Inputting, sharing and exchanging of chemical data, reports and analysis on a centralized, reliable platform
  • Unification of chemical safety standards and industrial requirements
  • Collaboration for enhancing social responsibility and product safety
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