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CMD integrates BOS operations at every stage of the supply chain process and provides user-centric applications to meet the specific operational needs of different industry players, namely Brand, Factory, Supplier and Laboratory. Each of these platforms is designed and architected based on the user’s specific environment, driven by the industry’s best practices and recognized standards.


As the downstream user, the Brand uses CMD to directly collect the chemical data on web portal submitted by its designated factories and suppliers during the design and production stages. The system automatically facilitates all chemical safety measurements and assessments, ensuring that the Brand is able to:

  • Validate BOS and related chemical information according to the Brand’s pre-defined rules
  • Scan and discover restricted substances by mapping BOS with the product and material chemical data library
  • Check compliance against international rules and safety limits
  • Generate Pre-Chemical Safety Assessments for laboratorial examinations


CMD automates the BOS workflow for the Factory and safeguards it from compliance breaches by ensuring it procures and produces everything in accordance with the rules and instructions of Brand, and all other legislative requirements. The Factory can use CMD to:

  • Produce, develop and manage all BOS and technical documents
  • Integrate BOS from suppliers and other chemical data to develop product BOS
  • Scan and validate restricted substances on products and materials in accordance with the Brand’s rules and legislative requirements
  • Store and archive BOS and technical documents generated by the Factory and all other parties on the supply chain


CMD allows the Supplier to digitalize its paperwork and simplify tedious compliance tasks thanks to the central storage of all materials data and technical information. CMD helps the Supplier to:

  • Validate material BOS and technical documents against a list of restricted substances from the chemical data library
  • Integrate material BOS from upstream suppliers to generate component BOS
  • Manage, store and archive component BOS and technical documents


Traditionally, laboratories measure product safety by physically examining parts, components and materials. After going through a series of tests, a laboratory generates a report to reflect the risk of the product according to all relevant international standards and regulations. With CMD, all validations and examinations on chemical substances are performed at every stage of the supply chain. Laboratory users can make use of the CMD system to:

  • Further validate the BOS and technical documents provided by the Brand, without having to physically examine the product
  • Develop reports using the information contained in Pre-Chemical Safety Assessments, and identify any subsequent actions required for testing alerted materials
  • Access the data from factories and suppliers directly from the CMD platform

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