CMD Factory Audit Manager (FAM)

What is the CMD Factory Audit Manager (FAM)?

CMD Factory Audit Manager helps you to manage factory audit process from request, audit scheduling, report generation and corrective action plan (CAP) management. You can keep track all factory audits, and connect external auditors for upload of data and report to the online platform.

The system allows users to store audit report for review and analyze non-compliance items for process improvement.

CMD FAM offers a dashboard feature to show vendor performance, allows users to communicate directly with factories on reviewing audit results, CAP and follow up.

How it works?

  • Auditors

    1.Receive assignment and confirm schedule

    2.Perform factory audit

    3.Upload Audit checklist

    4.Upload KPI / NC

  • Brand management

    1.Generate request

    2.Enquire Audit Results

    3.Provide Supplier rating

    4.Analyze Non Compliance results with Dash Boards

    5.Perform data mining

  • FAMS Cloud Platform

  • Vendors

    1.Update Factory profile

    2.Review audit status

    3.Upload Corrective Action Plan CAP

    4.Receive Alerts on renewal

  • FAMS operator

    1.Schedule audit

    2.Review audit reports and findings

    3.Approve and update audit status

    4.Follow up with Factory on CAP

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