What is the CMD LAB?

CMD LAB manages laboratory process and performs test data analysis. CMD LAB offers test order placement, quotation, sample processing, process tracking, test data input and test report generation. This solution facilitates the process of digital transformation of laboratory and testing industry.

Test data will be analyzed to generate alert on safety limit and to show the trend of substance finding for adjustment on test frequency.

The real time dashboard feature measures the performance by activity on Lab and users can check the test order status and review test results on mobile devices.

  • 01

    Place test request to Laboratory by user

  • 02

    Confirm test standard and offer quotation online by Lab

  • 03

    Perform testing and update status

  • 04

    Input test data to generate test reports by Lab

  • 05

    Integrate to Lab system for data download

  • 06

    Alert user on Fail status

  • 07

    Analyse test results with Dash Boards

  • 08

    Perform data mining to show trends

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