CMD Material Tracker


CMD Material Tracker traces movement of material batch and records traceability in usage of material in production processes using QR code and Wifi connection to digital device. Test report can be attached to IQC material batch to ensure all materials used have been assessed for chemical safety before production.

This cloud solution can allow subcontractors to input traceability data on line which connects to the main system to provide full transparency of the whole production processes.

It possesses strong data mining function on forward and backward search on material batch applied in various products.

How it works?

  • 01

    Register Incoming Material in warehouse

  • 02

    Upload BOM

  • 03

    Generate Traceability Code for each material batch

  • 04

    Scan QR code during assembly process of materials

  • 05

    Check out to subcontractors for outsource operation

  • 06

    Update Traceability Tree to keep track of material flow

  • 07

    Report real time status of Product per date code of shipment

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