CMD Ingredients Manager (Factory/ Supplier)

What is the CMD Ingredients Manager for Factory and Supplier?

CMD Ingredients Manager allows users to manage chemical information at material and product levels. The system can scan material substance against rules and regulations to validate material BOS* and Product BOM in the system. It can update the compliance rules and restricted substance list, and technical documentation is filed electronically with quick search and download. If the chemical information or product substance are not complied with the rules and restrictions, a system alert will be on.

* Bill of substances (BOS)/ Bill of materials (BOM) is a complete, formally structured list of components with chemical ingredients that make up a product or assembly.

The list comprises of the material number of each component, together with the quantity and unit of measure.

How it works?

  • 01

    Upload BOM/BOS with system verification

  • 02

    Upload Technical Document to material folder

  • 03

    Manage Common Material / Dual Source

  • 04

    Integrate Supplier BOS

  • 05

    Scan restricted substance

  • 06

    Generate product BOS

  • 07

    Generate Compliance Report

  • 08

    Submit data to Brands

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